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Roof & Siding Installation & Repair Services – Greenwich, CT – Long Island, NY

Roof & Siding Installation & Repair Services - Greenwich, CT - Long Island, NYYou can contact the Perri Logan Group for all of your commercial and residential roofing and siding requirements. For almost 30 years, we have been performing roofing and siding services in the Long Island, NY and Fairfield County, Connecticut region. We install roofing and siding systems that are durable, affordable, and stand the test of time. When you hire Perri Logan Group to perform home renovation services, you can rest assured that we will be utilizing the highest quality materials and a team of experienced home improvement contractors on every project. We work have the experience and capabilities that will allow us to install a strong and aesthetically pleasing roof and siding system on your home or commercial property.

Roofing install and repair services in Long Island, NY and Stamford, Connecticut

Deciding to install a new roofing system for your home or commercial business can be one of the most significant decisions you can make as a property owner. Your roof is your top defense against harsh weather elements, so having a professionally installed roof with high grade materials is essential in order to protect the structure of your property. If you are uncertain whether you are in need of a new roof for your property, you should perform thorough interior and exterior inspections.

In order perform an interior inspection for roof damage, you will need access to your attic and a flashlight. Once you are in your attic, the following are some signs that you should indicate that you are in need of a new roof.

  • Light appearing from the outside. If you notice that there is a source of light in your attic that is coming from the exterior of your house, it is a clear indicator that your roof in need of repair services.
  • Roof is caved in or slumping in areas. If there is a slump in portions of the ceiling of your attic, it is signal that the structure of your house has been compromised. This has most likely occurred due to external stresses from the exterior of your house, or moisture damage to the interior.
  • Leaks or Water Damage. If you notice water leaking through your roof and water damage occurring, you should contact the roofing repair experts at Perri Logan immediately. Excessive water damage to the structure of your house can lead to extensive damage and costly repairs down the road.

If you notice that your roof is showing signs of damage or wear and tear, you may not require an entirely new roof. You can contact the Perri Logan Group for a free roof inspection and we can tell you if you are in need of an entirely new roof or just simple repair work. A profesionally installed roof with quality materials should last you up to 25 to 30 years. Whether your roof needs a repair or you’re looking for a full replacement, our roof installation experts can help. We can install a large selection of shingle types and colors, we can also repair all aspects of damaged roofs such as cracked shingles, leaks, damaged wood, and more. You can contact the owner, Steven Nemiroff today for a free consultation at (516) 385-3622 or get in touch with us through our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Perri Logan Group of Albertson, NY performs New Home Construction, Kitchen Renovations, Bathroom Renovations, General Home Improvement and Repair Services, Fence Installations, Decks and Patios, Railings, Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Windows, Porticos and Dormers, and many more Home Construction and Renovation Services. Our service area includes the following towns in Connecticut and Long Island as well as surrounding areas; Fairfield, Southport, Westport, Norwalk, Darien, Greenwich, Ridgefield, New Canaan, Easton, Weston, Westchester, Rye, Great Neck, Larchmont, White Plains, Huntington, Massapequa, Bay Shore, New Rochelle and beyond!


Custom New Home Construction Services | Greenwich, CT

Custom New Home Construction Services | Greenwich, CTThere are numerous reasons why purchasing newly constructed homes is gaining popularity among residents throughout Fairifeld County, Connecticut, Long Island, and the greater New York metropolitan area. When you design and construct a new home, you will have the luxury of choosing the exact floor plan, layout, appliances, fixtures, and much more, that suit your personality and lifestyle best. The Connecticut custom home builders at The Perri Logan Group have compiled a list of some of most popular reasons why homeowners choose to build new homes, compared to purchasing used homes.

  1. The ability to customize your house. The Perri Logan Group will allow the homeowner to be completely involved in the process of designing and developing their property. This will allow the owner to construct a living area that is custom suited to the their preferences and style. The owner has the ability to choose the location and specific dimensions of their kitchen and bathroom, the materials used for counter-tops and flooring, the color of interior and exterior paint, and the list goes on and on.
  2. A new home utilizes products that are under warranty. With a new home construction, all materials and products utilized are new and are most likely under extensive warranty. This will reduce repair and costs drastically compared to all of the maintenance that typically goes into purchasing a used home. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a used home. How old is the roof? What is the condition of my water heater? Are my appliances energy efficient? With a new home construction, you can rest assured that your house will be fully operation and running efficiently for many years to come.
  3. Energy efficiency and increased savings. A new custom home built by the Perri Logan Group will be much more energy efficient than a used home. Our homes are built with reinforced windows with specialized coating that conserves heat and eliminate drafts. Our kitchen and baths are built with fixtures and plumbing that will conserve water. We install insulation that will reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 20 percent. It is recommended that you purchase energy-star appliances for your kitchen and bathroom to conserve water and energy and reduce your utility bills.
  4. Fire safety. Many custom built homes can incorporate fire safety components that are not available in older homes. There are fire repellent attributes available in carpeting and insulation materials. The majority of new home constructions will have hard-wired smoke detectors built into the structure. Hard wired smoke detectors are much more effective than standard some detectors that run on batteries. Hard wired detectors run on electricity with a batter back-up, so you can rest assured knowing that your detectors will always be fully operational and ready to warn in case of an emergency.

As you search the competitive southern Connecticut and New York metropolitan area for your dream home, you’ll probably hear many different opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a newly built home or a resale home. Purchasing a new home can be fun and exciting endeavor. The ability to customize every aspect of your new home is a great advantage, but can sometimes be an overwhelming task. At the Perri Logan Group, we welcome our client’s involvement in the building process. Clients can choose from various design options in order to find what best expresses your interests and lifestyle.

Perri Logan is prepared to fulfill your every desire be it a first time buyer “starter” home or a luxurious distinctive custom residence. We employ the most current design technology and green building practices which enable us to be in the forefront of innovation. You can contact the owner, Steven Nemiroff today for a free consultation at (516) 385-3622 or get in touch with us through our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!


Bathroom Remodeling & Installation Services | Connecticut, Long Island, NY

Bathroom Remodeling & Installation Services | Connecticut, Long Island, NYThe Perri Logan Group provides bathroom design, renovation, and installation services to clients throughout the Fairfield County, Connecticut, Long Island and the New York metropolitan area. Our professional bathroom remodeling and installation services, are tailored to fit your lifestyle and demands and can turn your bathroom into space that you and you and your family can enjoy for many years to come. We are a full-service contractor, that will give you confidence that your job is going to get completed professionally and within your specified budget.

Our bathroom remodeling contractors specialize in:

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Installs
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Faucet Repair
  • Caulking, Grout installation and Grout Repairs
  • Tile Installation and Repair
  • Toilet Plumbing Installations
  • Shower Plumbing Projects
  • Bathtub Removal and Replacements
  • Vanities, Countertops, Sinks and Faucets’
  • Bathroom Fans and Lighting
  • Towel bars, Medicine Cabinets and Other Fixtures

Connecticut & Long Island Bathroom Remodeling Services

One of the most popular reasons for undergoing a bathroom remodeling project is the added value it will bring to your household. Industry research suggests that pending on the market value of your property, you can expect that a high-quality bathroom renovation will increase the value of your home 10-15% percent. The bathroom is widely considered to be one of the most important rooms of a household, which is why it is very important to ensure that it is designed to maximize comfort and usability.

Another advantage to renovating your bathroom is that as a homeowner, a newly remodeled bathroom will give your home a new and appealing feel, and the transformation will be a very enjoyable one for you and your family. Many of our bathroom remolding projects may simply entail remodeling small sections of the bathroom such as the faucet, shower, bath tub, or tiling. While other projects involve an entire demolition of the current bathroom and a new bathroom installation from the ground-up.

If you are interested in spending many years in your current residence, the main purpose for of a bathroom renovation might not primarily be to increase the market value of your home. You may just be focused on constructing a comfortable and enjoyable environment for you or your family. A new bathroom helps to alleviate the stresses in your life and generate a more enjoyable environment for your family to spend their time. If you are a growing family and are interested in increasing the square footage to your existing bathroom, the Connecticut custom bathroom renovation experts at Perri Logan Group can assist you.

The Perri Logan Group has offices in Albertson, Long Island and Stamford, Connecticut and specializes in high quality bathroom design and installation services. Whether you are interested in upgrading your fixtures or you are considering completely new bathroom installation, The Perri Logan Group has the knowledge and capacity to handle any type of project. We can design a layout to suite your needs, tastes and budget. We will create a floor plan that includes every detail you desire. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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