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Popular Kitchen Remodeling Trends | Connecticut, New York, Long Island

Popular Kitchen Remodeling Trends | Connecticut, New York, Long IslandRemodeling and updating your kitchen are considered by many to be one of the most beneficial home improvement projects that you can make. A renovated kitchen can provide more space, a greater amount of storage, and more modern appliances, which will lead to a more enjoyable atmosphere for your family and friends as well as a higher resale value for your house. Over the years, kitchens have become the nucleus for family life because it is the room that offers a central gathering place for family and friends. There is a lot of planning that goes into remodeling your kitchen, so to assist you on your remodeling project, we have complied a list of some of the most popular kitchen remodeling trends.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen countertops should not only represent your personal characteristics, but should also encompass all of your food preparation needs. A growing trend among Connecticut and New York area residents is the use of Quartz countertops. Quarts is a very popular alternative to granite because it is available in many different colors, it is not absorptive, and it is extremely resistant to potential stains and scratches. The material and installation costs are similar to granite and it will cost marginally more than acrylic countertops.

Dual-Fuel Ranges

When it comes to choosing the kitchen range that will be most suitable for your food preparation needs, most believe that they must choose between a gas or electric system. There are many advantages and disadvantages to choosing gas vs electric. The fact that gas is a more controllable type of heat will make it better for stove-top meal preparation. Electric ranges can be considered to be a more dynamic heating source for the oven and the self-cleaning component is more accessible in an electric range.

If you install a Dual-fuel range into your kitchen, then you can incorporate both of the elements of a gas and electric range. The modern models of dual-fuel ranges are equipped with a gas stove-top, which is more desirable if you are utilizing pots and pans to prepare your meal. It will also employ an electric range for the oven. The kitchen remodeling professionals at Perri Logan Group have the capabilities to install either a gas line or the appropriate electrical outlet if it is currently not available in your kitchen.

Computerized Appliances

A growing trend among homeowners is equipping a kitchen with computer regulated, interactive, internet-smart appliances. The Perri Logan Group recently performed a kitchen remodel for a resident of Greenwich, Connecticut where we installed a refrigerator that included a touch screen, was equipped with computing abilities, had internet access and contained a television and DVD player. This allowed the homeowner the ability to conveniently watch cooking programs while preparing their emails.

Freestanding Wine Refrigerators

Kitchen wine refrigerators have always been a popular item for homeowners throughout Connecticut and New York. However, the more modern type of free standing refrigerator that can contain in excess of 150 bottles of wine, which touch-pad controls, cooling systems, and independent climate zones for specific wine types have been consistently making its way into households.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinet installation aspect of your kitchen remodel is a very important piece of the overall look and aesthetics of your kitchen. A growing trend in kitchen remodeling is the use of alluring wood veneers, which consisst of narrow slivers that exhibit the wood’s natural grain. A large amount of modern cabinetry designs exhibit sliding doors, floating units and touch-latches which provide uncluttered surfaces.

Whether you are interested in an entire house remodel, or simply planning on performing renovations on your kitchen, The Perri Logan Group has the experience, tools, and service options available to suite your individual needs. Our quality craftsmen can give your home an elegant new appearance, which will increase your kitchen’s functionality, increases your property value and will stay within your budget. No matter the size or scope of your project, we have the skill, experience and resources to handle every task with competence and efficiency. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our remodeling experts. We look forward to working with you!


Patio & Outdoor Living Spaces – Design & Installation | Long Island, New York, Connecticut

Patio & Outdoor Living Spaces - Design & Installation | Long Island, New York, ConnecticutThe Perri Logan Group has the capabilities to convert your property from boring to magnificent by designing and installing a patio or additional living space. A professional patio installation can make your yard much more entertaining for family and guests and can add substantial increased value to your property. There are many different types of designs and materials available, which make the possibilities for patio design practically boundless. The Perri Login group has been performing patio installations throughout the New York and Connecticut region for 30 years, and we can design and install your patio utilizing a variety of components in order to manufacture the design that you desire.

Our professional patio design services incorporate the best materials and utilize a variety of special features into your design such as outdoor kitchens, fire pits, stone benches, retainer walls, and water features. With all of the materials and styles available when designing your patio, it you can quickly become overwhelming experience. The expert patio designers at Perri Logan Group understand this and we have complied some information below that will assist you when you are in the planning stages of your outdoor living space.

The functions of your outdoor living space.

Your initial thoughts should be determining exactly what the purpose of your space should be. Obviously, you plan on utilizing your outdoor space to entertain your friends and family, but what will the capacity of people be for your space and what activities will you and your guests be undertaking. Are you planning on setting up an outdoor kitchen and entertaining a large amount of guests? How many tables and chairs should your patio be able to contain?

The Perri Logan Group’s patio designs encompass a great deal of styles and criteria, which can be matched with your personal lifestyle.

Tax increases on your property.

The level in which your property taxes could potentially increase will depend on the amount of money that you spent on the patio installation and the level in which the value of your home has increased once it has been assessed. Once the patio installation has been completed, town officials will reevaluate the value of your home and estimate your tax increase proportionately. When you hire a reputable Connecticut and New York home building professional such as The Perri Logan Group to design and build your patio, we will contact the local building department in your area to find out what the building codes, zoning and setbacks from the property lines are in your town and build according to their regulations.

The location of your patio installation.

It is very important to determine the best possible location for your patio or outdoor living space. The contours of your property and the proximity to your neighbors may restrict the shape and location of your patio. Some neighborhoods may utilize deed restriction policies, which will limit the materials and engineered styles of your outdoor living space. Most of our patio installations occur in a section of the property that offers privacy and a peaceful atmosphere.

If you have any questions regarding an outdoor living space installation on your property, do not hesitate to contact the quality home builders at The Perri Logan Group at (516) 385-3622. Based in Long Island, New York and Stamford, Connecticut, we provide professional patio design and installation services and can work within your budget and scheduled time-frame. After the initial contact from you by phone or email, we can then schedule a free consultation to discuss the project. Based on that initial consultation, we will design a comprehensive proposal that will detail the full scope of the project, all of the materials needed, installation schedule, and detailed material and labor costs. To learn more about our patio design services and to begin planning your patio design project with our experts, please contact our Steven Nemiroff at (516) 385-3622 today!